Second Meeting — It is now official!

Our second meeting took place on 27 July 2011. By now, we had over 40 interested musicians on our roster. At the meeting, we adopted our by-laws and, in accordance with that document, elected our first Executive Council. The members elected to the governing body are:

President of the Orchestra: Predrag Vasić (Conductor)

Vice-President: Tanja Bernstein (Violin)

Treasurer: Laura Munisteri (Violin)

Secretary: William Bergman (Violin)

PR Officer: Sophie Ravier (Violin)

Now that the ensemble has adopted the governing by-laws and elected officials, it was decided to proceed with submission of application for membership as a club under UNSRC. Since it was the middle of the summer, the members suggested to wait until the summer is over and everyone returned from vacation before next outreach effort is launched. Meanwhile, the Executive Council may meet and discuss setting up an official web site and an e-mail address for the Orchestra, as well as preparing material for the next outreach campaign.

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