International Women’s Day 2023

The orchestra is embarking on an important project for the International Women's Day, 8 March 2023. 

On the programme, we will play the diverse works by ten women composers from around the world.

UN Symphony Orchestra

Anoa Green, conductor

  • Louise Farrenc (France): Overture No. 1
  • Suad Bushnaq (Syria): "Tomorrow"
  • Bora Yoon (Korea): "Wind of Two Koreas"
  • Maria Brodskaya (Ukraine): "To Ukraine"
  • LucĂ­a Caruso (Argentina): Piano Concerto "Light and Wind" (1st movement)
  • Jeanne Zaidel-Rudolph (South Africa): "At the End of the Rainbow"
  • Zhang Haihui (China): Selections from "A Journey to the West"
  • Sussan Deyhim (Iran): "Meditation"
  • Angelica Negron (USA - Puerto Rico): "What Keeps Me Awake"
  • Florence Price (USA): "The Oak"

The concert will be one of the side events of the 67th session of the UN Commission on Status of Women, taking place during the first two weeks of March.

The peformance will take place at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center (199 Chambers St. in New York) on Wednesday, 8 March 2023 at 7:30pm.

Tickets can be purchased from the orchestra's web site at

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